Babbington Landscapes was formerly established in 2002 but it has been a work in progress since David Babbington became a plant nerd at age 9. Initially studying Fine Arts at Sydney University, David felt the urge to get his hands dirty and so pursued landscape design and landscape construction at the Ryde College of Horticulture.

This soon evolved into a passion for bringing creative design into fruition, seeking inspiration from all over the world. A garden tour through Europe and two visits to Mecca (aka Chelsea Flower Show) helped shape David’s distinct and timeless style – classical meets contemporary.

If David is not in the midst of designing or playing in a client’s garden, he is spending his time talking about his love of plants and design to anyone that will listen (especially his poor wife) and dreaming up new ideas. It is a great love affair.

So even if he doesn’t take himself seriously, he is serious about delivering the best for his clients.

Why are we different?

Passion drives everything we do. It compels us to deliver the best service for our clients, to seek out the best solution for their unique needs and to provide expert advice and support to make their garden beautiful.

We take an holistic approach. We encompass a love of plants with innovative design and superior construction.

We understand that your garden is not only an extension of your living space- it is an extension of who you are. We strive to reflect that, whether it be the design, the plants we recommend or the regular maintenance we provide.

It is not a formula. We want our clients to go on creative journey with us and to find joy in creating a beautiful, functional outdoor space.