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We had the pleasure of designing an Arts and Crafts style garden to complete a beautifully restored heritage listed Federation House.

Combinations of curves were used to navigate the slightly awkward position of the front gate (relative to the front landing) and the rectangular lawn. The curves have been tied together with Buxus globes at each apex.

Features include a number of mature plantings, including a conical shaped Magnolia grandiflora ‘Exmouth’ which greets you upon entering the gate, drawing the eye down the French pattern slate tiled path, bordered with Buxus hedging with Buxus globes. Then, once halfway down the front path, you are greeted with a lovely view across the lawn of the fountain and mixed planting.

After you have walked to fountain across the lawn, one is then greeted with a formal planting of stepped Buxus japonica and Buxus microphylla microphylla, bordered with rust finish Anduze urns.

The rear garden is planted in more of a Victorian style with bold foliage combinations. Note the ‘floating Buxus benchs’ and ‘Buxus rises’.